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Are you a fan of local cafés like me? Supporting local businesses is one of my favourite pastimes. Recently, while on a walk in Wānaka with a friend, we were struck by the cold and decided we needed to find a cosy spot for a warm drink. Our quest led us to Big Fig, a charming vegan café named after a fig tree that grew in the owners’ backyard.

Walking into Big Fig, I was immediately enveloped in a warm and inviting atmosphere, setting the stage for a delightful plant-based culinary journey.

What I loved most about Big Fig was its buffet variety. I daresay it is one of the few spots in Wānaka that offers such an extensive selection of vegan food. Of course, there are vegetarian options as well, like the delicious coconut macaroon I ordered, as well as meat options for meat lovers. In other words, it’s a well-known vegan café that caters to every taste.

Cosy and inviting:

The decor exudes a cosy, rustic charm with its wooden furnishings and lush greenery, creating the perfect backdrop for a relaxing coffee break. On a sunny day, the large and picturesque wooden tables outside are ideal, and there’s a tempting sofa in the perfect spot for enjoying a book, a coffee, and perhaps even a quick nap.

The coffee menu boasts an impressive range of plant-based milk options, ensuring every cup is creamy and delicious. My friend and I ordered a delicious oat matcha that was served to us in less than 10 minutes. You can tell when people love making coffee by the care they put into its presentation, don’t you agree?

And what can I say about the staff? They were incredibly friendly, quick, and efficient, ensuring that you never had to wait long for your coffee or food.


A few points worth highlighting:

  • They offer a discount if you bring your own coffee cup.
  • They don’t use plastic in their takeaways.
  • There is a discount on vegetarian and vegan plates on Mondays.

If I had to rate the Big Fig as a vegan café, I would give it 5 stars. I highly recommend this place to anyone who fancies a good spot (both outside and inside) to enjoy some delicious baked goods or vegan food accompanied by a delightful coffee.