Malena’s world of words

Hello, I’m Malena, a passionate writer dedicated to sharing captivating life experiences and insightful reviews of my adventures in hotels and restaurants around the world. Through my writing, I aspire to inspire others to pursue their dreams and embrace new experiences.

My journey as a writer began with the humble act of journaling during my travels across Europe. Fuelled by a desire to connect with others and share my perspective, I made the leap to share my stories with the world.

Over time, I’ve had the privilege of collaborating with various esteemed travel blogs and social media platforms, where my work has found resonance with a diverse audience.

Feel free to explore my previous writings by clicking on the links below. Welcome to my world of words and wanderlust.

Previous collaborations

Blog articles

The idea:

  • Writing articles about Sweden
  • Creating them from scratch or giving topics I need to investigate.

The process:

  • Looking for keywords
  • Optimising SEO techniques in each article
  • Writing articles about my experience
  • Writing how-to-articles about Sweden
  • Using my pictures or looking for them by quoting resources.
  • Using WordPress

Social Media

Video Creator

  • Creating a YouTube channel (personal one)
  • Creating videos while travelling
  • Showing places to viewers
  • Subtitling every video into English





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